It is coming up Ball Season

Here in Oz, it is the long summer school holidays. As my daughter is about to enter her final year of secondary school, it is the year of the BALL (aka- Formal or Prom). My daughter’s school is having their Ball at the end of the first week back (a tactic to get it over and done with, so the girls can get on with the serious study for tertiary entrance) and my girl is all set ๐Ÿ™‚

Traditionally, a certain number of families (usually the ones who live in HUGE houses) host the “Befores” parties. This ritual involves the girls and their partners (or the boys and their partners- as in my son’s school) and the parents, all meeting, having a few cocktails/mocktails and then having photos taken before going in the chosen mode of transport to the Ball venue (my girl and her friends have hired a mock tram- no stretch limo or Hummer for her!).

The whole thing can get a bit out of hand tbh. I had one friend describe her daughter’s ball as “important as a wedding”- excuse me, I don’t think so!!! Anyway, the sky is the limit for some parents as to indulging their precious girls, but I wanted Clare to adopt a responsible attitude and so she has. Her complete outfit is beautiful, but has cost less than some girls have spent on their dresses alone (lots of Alex Perry etc etc). DSC_0949 (here she is trying on her dress straight out of the box).

Ahem, back on track, this post is about my “Befores” outfit. I am very happy with it and here it is in all it’s unironed glory ๐Ÿ˜›

The top is a Sorbetto in 100% cotton, while the skirt and jacket are both from Shape Shape 2. I have aleady blogged about the skirt at (having trouble inserting a link here- sorry), so the new piece is the jacket. The fabric is a very light linen from Potters in North Perth in a tangerine colour. Unfortunately, it wasn’t cut (or stored) on grain, so cutting it out was an unwanted challenge, but I am very pleased with the fit. I know most Japanese pattern books are sized very small, but I have found that the Large from this bookย  is perfect for the loose shape that is so appealing with this type of look (I am a 14 Aust., 42 European, 10 USA).


ball beforesย ย  sleeve detail

I particularly like the sleeve detail with the pleats, the whole look is very loose, cool and flowing; perfect for our hot Perth summers. I also received my clothing labels in the post before Christmas, so everything feels very professional now ๐Ÿ˜‰ The shoes are Hispanitas and although they are a bit more orange than the jacket, there is enough space between the two items for it not to be too obvious.



There are some times when you just have to try to be a Yummy Mummy and the School Ball is one of them, Clare likes the outfit and I’m pleased. I can’t wait for the night!


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