The end of the holidays

Today is the last day of my two week holiday.

I have totally chilled at times, cleaned the house like a whirling dervish, done odd jobs for my Mum (I had forgotten how much fun it is to scoot over a tiled roof cleaning gutters!), driven an unairconditioned car in 38 degrees (Celsius) for 4 1/2 hours (truly awful I can tell you), shopped and lazed; and now, it has come to an end.

School starts back on Tuesday, it is my daughter’s final year and will be a stress-filled one for her (university entrance exams at the end), but she needs to get through her induction assembly (she is a House Arts Captain) and the School Ball on Friday evening…phew, my heart is racing.

So today, I have been a bit lazy, I wagged church and instead, watched The English Patient this morning, played a bit of Sudoku and generally was quite chilled, all I needed was a Nana Nap this afternoon to get over the 0345 pickup this morning of our son from a 21st birthday party (he was decidedly the worse for wear). I didn’t get the nap, instead I did this…


I know it’s a bit rough, but it is my first ever attempt at sewing leather and I am pleased with the result 🙂wallet outside

wallet backwallet openwallet named

You may recognise the lining as the silk brocade with which I edged a black coat last year on a Sunday afternoon (here

My Pfaff barely noticed the 4 layers of leather and 2 layers of silk that I ended up sewing and I was grateful for the IDT (built-in walking foot) as it fed the leather through without any “stickiness” to the footplate.

The internal pockets are unlined leather as I wanted some “grip” on banknotes and my mobile ‘phone.

Not bad for an hour’s work and $15 in materials!

2 thoughts on “The end of the holidays

  1. That’s great, well done! I’m impressed with your Pfaff. I had an Empisal machine that just sewed anything I threw at it, but my Janome appears to be a little fussier. 🙂

    • Thanks Toni, I learned to sew on my Mum’s Empisal, unfortunately back then I was reluctant and impatient…not a good combination! The Pfaff is a beauty 🙂 How are you these days and where on the planet are you now?

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