Life is hectic

…yes, I know it is for everyone and some people manage to blog very regularly, but when I am snowed-under my blog takes a back seat.

Anyway, I have succumbed to the pressures of working with a person who is making the office hell and I am now on stress leave. It feels pretty uncomfortable actually, but we have been dealing with this person for 3 1/2 years and really, it is getting no better. My family are sick of it, I am sick of it and my other work colleagues are sick of it…so, yesterday I had a meltdown (my first ever, unlike the person who caused it who regularly has them), I went home sick and now my doctor has given me some time off to recuperate and gather my thoughts. I have been told by the Occupational Safety and Health person to do stuff I like and not think about work (I am finding that very difficult), so to that end, my daughter and I went to see Dior and I!  MV5BOTAzMDE4MzMzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjE4MzM2NDE@._V1_SX214_AL_ I smiled from the first frames to the final credits, it was so enjoyable and really made me hunger to get home and do some seriously gorgeous sewing!

My next project will be this Vogue jacket Vogue jacket I have already made it once in soft blue wool felt and it is one of my favourite winter warmers, I love the look of swing coats and the raglan sleeves makes this one come together easily. This time I am making it in a dark orange (tangelo?) pinwale (how do you spell that?!) cord. Winter is my least enjoyed season, so I like to brighten things up a bit, too much dark and dreary worn during the colder months around here. corduroy The collar on the blue jacket gave me a bit of gip, so I will be utilising this info collar help from this sewing bible sewing bible to get me to a result I’m happy with. This book was recommended to me by my most recent sewing teacher and it is a beauty, a well-loved classic and I’m sure there are a lot of you seamstresses out there who have it on your sewing room shelves 🙂

Other sewing I have done recently are some loose covers for a sofa and miners couch that were getting a bit sad…sofa cover  miners couch cover

The fabric is an upholstery-weight cotton from Ikea, a really bright red which lifts our family room and gives it a bit of a boho feel, I am enjoying the colours.

I am also awaiting the birth of a niece or nephew in June and am very, very excited 🙂 I have two nephews already, but they both live about 4000km away and we see them only very rarely, this one will be the first home-grown Perth baby for 17 years. Because the baby will be born in winter, I have opted for flannelette and have made a sleeping bag sleeping bag in non-gender-specific colours, the remnants were made into a pair of pyjamas for a teddy we are giving the baby when he/she appears teddy 'jamas  ted and bag .

And lastly, tomorrow, my daughter and I are taking our dog to meet another rescue dog. Hopefully they get along, as we are hoping to adopt the new boy and bring him home as a new member of our extended family. Our boy has really missed his old pal Ziggy (our Bichon) who died a couple of years ago and we are hoping a new friend will bring him companionship and reduce his anxiety around the house. Astro is a gorgeous but slightly ratty middle-aged poodle  IMG_0005who has brought so much to the family (despite his foibles!) and it will be nice to see him playing again 🙂







5 thoughts on “Life is hectic

  1. Take care. I know how troublesome members of staff can affect everyone else in the workplace. I’ve had my fair share of them in the past. Relax, unwind and have fun creating that gorgeous jacket!

  2. So much busyness! I love the look of the coat you’re planning to make and the colour is perfect – a wonderful touch of brightness in the more dreary months ahead. You’ve also inspired me to dig out my own copy of the Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing, although mine is slightly older – I think it’s the late 70s edition – and was bought at an amazing market in Pakenham. But as I always tell myself when buying (yet another) sewing book: the basics of sewing remain the same!

  3. Have just spent some delightful time reading your blog & getting reacquainted with down under. Am impressed that you’ve organized your leave time so constructively, and know you’ll emerge all the better for it. Do wish this Dior movie was open here (U.S.); maybe in a month or so it will begin making its way around the country. Thanks for the heads up on it!
    Best wishes ~ del

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