Making use of time off work…

Vogue jacket resized Well I have used my stress leave to make the jacket I had been planning for some time and here it is 🙂

I had a few issues with the make and considering I have already made this once before (when I had very few sewing skills), I was surprised by the problems. In retrospect, I think I have just become a lot more fastidious and demanding of myself, back then I was happy if I managed to make something to wear!

I used the bright orange corduroy for the shell and some hot pink acetate for the lining, the combination is warm to wear and look at (perfect for me as I do feel the cold and loathe winter).

jacket shell resized Here is the shell on my bed, sorry about the fussy background.

The issues I had were with the lining. The pattern is not lined and this is where I made a few mistakes, I had a lot of unpicking and a lot of handsewing to make the lining sit well and the jacket to hang satisfactorily.

the guts resized You can’t really see it here, but the lining is not bagged. I cut it a little short and when I bagged it, the shell was pulled up horribly.

label resized  embroidery resized  embroidery 2 resized

Instead, I attached the lining at strategic points with embroidery and after overlocking the edge, I turned it up and secured the hem with french knots in embroidery floss. I used to do a lot of embroidery and I think I was pretty good back then, it is quite deflating seeing one’s skills deteriorate over time when not performing the skill. The stitching is pretty average and the vision I had for something spectacular and sumptuous went out the window…plus, tbh I became a bit bored. The acetate is frankly pretty awful to do fine stitching on, although I know that is no excuse.

All-in-all, I love this jacket. As a relatively short woman, it doesn’t engulf me and the fabric choices are perfect for our mild Perth winters. I love colour and I think this ensemble looks very nice and perfect for me!

full outfit resized




10 thoughts on “Making use of time off work…

  1. Jenn! This is such a beautiful piece of work – the colour, but especially the thoughtful, embroidered touch. I hope when you get the opportunity to wear it, you’ll take a picture for us! Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Am grateful you referenced your entire post. As a sorta height-challenged person meself, will have to investigate this style jacket for meself.
    (Although, come to think of it, that jacket I made 2 yrs ago (Folkwear 270 Middy blouse) had a bit of a flare, which I really liked…)
    Thanks for some eye candy & fabric for thought!
    PS/Did you stick some interfacing underneath your lining before you began embroidery? If that didn’t help much, I’d like to know, as I was thinking about using your technique.

      • Thank you, but don’t think of the suggestion as a must do; more of a maybe… but possibly not. When you were doing more embroidery, did you discover some fabrics reacted better than others to embroidery? I did, but would never class my poor efforts with yours It adds such elegance & panache to your jacket!

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