That Girl

When I was a middle teen, one of my favourite things to do on a quiet Saturday winter afternoon was watch Doris Day movies and catch reruns of Marlo Thomas in That Girl e1ed556b7ece548376605d71df9d2ceb. I loved Marlo, she was cute and feisty, sort of an edgier Sally Field, but a decade later. My latest make is channelling my inner Marlo! As a shorter than average woman, I have always liked those late sixties belted shift dresses, with the fake-ish dropped waist and so here is my homage to that style (forgive my daughter’s unmade bed!)  🙂

marlo 1 The pattern is the Port Elizabeth top (lengthened obviously), it is a free pattern drafted by a seamstress that I downloaded from Burdastyle  here and has become one of my TNT patterns, both as a top and a dress (4 tops and 3 dresses to be precise). Amateur patternmakers rule!!!

From the side, you can see I extended the belt only part of the way around the rear, this was to avoid it catching on chair arms and the like, I added the buttons much to my daughter’s chagrin, I apparently put too many random buttons on stuff 😛  marlo2 I am really happy with it, is this style too young for a 52 year old woman? Don’t know, don’t care, I just know that I feel happy when I am wearing it and that is a mighty big box to tick in my view 🙂

My next dress will use the same pattern, but I will add sleeve length for winter and make the neckline higher so I don’t need a skivvy underneath. I bought this beautiful wool, viscose and elastane (I think) from Knitwit in Nedlands (here) it is quite heavy and drapes beautifully, lovely and warm for winter boucle close up, the colours are slightly brighter than this photo and I am hoping I have enough left over for a small infinity scarf to brighten up any dull, winter colours boucle 2

Lastly, I need some advice… this dress just doesn’t suit me. potato in a red dress1The fabric is a soft viscose, nylon blend and feels lovely, therefore, I would like to refashion rather than give the dress to charity. Despite the “smile for the camera”, I think I look like a clothed potato in this, it clings to all the wrong places and I feel very lumpy and self conscious in it, I think I have worn it out once in 4 years- what a waste! I make no apologies for the graininess of the pics, believe me, more definition you don’t need!!!

So, suggestions everyone? potato in a red dress 2 I am thinking a top and skirt, but I am not sure there is enough fabric and think maybe I should use the top fabric for gore inserts to make the skirt swing, that would leave the cowl to be worn as… a cowl- whaddya think peeps?

Let me know pleeeease?!


9 thoughts on “That Girl

  1. That shift dress is gorgeous and it suits you perfectly. I love that style and I wish I could wear it but it doesn’t suit me even slightly, but I enjoy seeing it on other people. Have fun making the second version, too!

    • Thanks Katie, I think it will be a weekend project 🙂 I agree though about the style, my bff wouldn’t wear this in a pink fit as she is hourglass-shaped and has a tiny waist- why would she hide that? I have always been a bit straight up and down with nothing to accentuate 😉

  2. I loved “that girl” too, wasn’t Marlo the cutest in that show? Nice thing about her, she’s still beautiful now and very busy with a lot of projects, I love to read stories like that about actors, etc…that I watched in my childhood and teen years.

    Shift dresses never really went out of style. And 52, you’re just getting started. 🙂 I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks about what I wear, at any age and that I know won’t change!

    Have a great day, G

  3. Thanks Geraldine, it’s one of the wonderful things about this age…other people’s opinions about what you wear are totally immaterial to your happiness, I dress for me 🙂

  4. Late to the party here, but I think the red dress woul make a great top..with some left over. I’d just hang onto the spare [because I do that] but you COULD try to match the fabric weight and add a yoke for a colour blocked suit… PS your mention of a ‘skivvy underneath’ made me cackle- here, a ‘skivvy’ is a menial servant. Oo-er!

    • Ha ha, yes and ….no I had better mot get into stories about Roger….! I think you might call them turtle necks? The red dress, hmmm, tbh I am just too busy to even think about it, but I like your suggestion thanks 🙂

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