Stash gifts

(… or Thankyou Karen)

Mum and I visited her cousin Karen yesterday, Karen left the room and went hunting through a cupboard, she said she wanted to show me something…she beckoned me into her sewing room and told she needed more space as she is having an exhibition soon of her latest paintings and was running out of places to store stuff…

Karen travels extensively for her art and is always buying fabric…

I have always envied bloggers who post photos of Aunty So-and So’s stash which has been bequeathed to them etc etc, but I can be jealous no longer…

Here is some of it

DSC_0238 silks from India and Thailand

DSC_0239 checks and plaids from India, Australia and history (the end one belonged to her Mother who died 35 years ago!)

DSC_0240 cottons from Africa, India and Japan

DSC_0242 batiks and cotton prints from Indonesia

I have run out of space and the pile is HUGE, never, ever, ever again, will I have stash-envy; I feel as if I am drowning in great swathes of beautiful (and not so beautiful) fabric… gurgle…gurgle…gasp

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