Ah, books…

What are books to you?

To me, they go into the category of “wish never to have to do without”, along with cheese, blackcurrant juice cordial and vegetable soaps.

Yesterday I needed to go into Perth to get a book for my daughter (for school- she is a literature student) and I found myself in Boffins Bookshop. The smell, the courteous staff, the colours… ah heaven.

Times are a bit tight atm, but who can resist the magnetism of a good book or two? I had to choose, books Claire Schaeffer or Johnny Rotten? Both classics in their chosen fields, it was almost overwhelming… I bought them both (and put them on the plastic).

John is making me giggle and Claire is opening up new possibilities for me šŸ™‚9148_2 (John by Richard Corman)

4 thoughts on “Ah, books…

  1. I looked at that Couture Sewing book in Boffins last week. I left it because I bought three other books. I do love Boffins, it is the best bookshop, and you’re right, the service is fabulous.

  2. I think I would have been happy with anything from the craft section, but I am aiming to be more discerning with my purchasing, having said that…
    some may say that buying Johnny Rotten’s autobiography is not discerning at all!

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