The Lekala 5088 skirt, working with wool and a bit from Claire Schaeffer

So I made the skirt that Thornberry blogged about recently.ย 

I think Lara (Thornberry) and I have similar fitting issues; lack of height, lack of waist and a bit of a poddy tummy. I am not a fan of skirts for the very reason that my lack of waist means they ride up or slip down. For Lara to recommend a skirt pattern (and for it to be FREE!) was a great opportunity to deal with my skirt issues ๐Ÿ™‚

It is Lekala 5088 and I just happened to have some lovely checked wool given to me by Mum’s cousin, all ready for the Monthly Stitch July Challenge. image4

image3 (evidence of poddy tummy with unfinished waistband)

The pattern looks very simple and it is, but as is my way, I made things a little more complicated for myself. Firstly, I wanted it completely lined. I have skin that is prone to itch, especially with wool right next to it, so not lining was not an option. I had some colour-matched poplin in my stash which worked perfectly. lining and hem

Secondly, I decided to finish it a la Claire Schaeffer’s book (Couture Sewing- Tailoring Techniques) which I purchased recently. Unfortunately, I had almost finished the skirt by the time I had bought the book, so this isn’t really a couture garment, more of a hybrid.

The wool frayed amazingly! I only had to look at it and it would shed threads, so all the edges had to be zig-zagged (I don’t overlock any more) prior to construction. On the plus-side though, it is very stable, there was no stretching anywhere and being yarn-dyed, meant that keeping to the grain was a piece of cake.

The construction was straightforward, I didn’t look at the directions as skirts are not rocket science. As far as Claire Schaeffer’s book goes, well I am very happy with the finish I used from the book, but I am also very glad that a DVD was included as the pictures are not that easy to follow… I used what she calls a Tailor’s Hem at the bottom, it is a hand stitched blind hem, a really nice finish. tailor's hem

I also pick-stitched the invisible zipper and am pretty happy with it. Invisible zippers are my nemesis, but I am getting better with each that I do, only hand sewn these days. skirt back The waistband has hooks and eyes, the button is purely decorative (but a nice touch methinks).

So here is my low-down:

Lekala pattern- easy and well-fitted at a great price ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wool fabric- lovely to work with but prone to fraying

Claire Schaeffer’s book- a good resource that I will use to hone my finer sewing skills, thank goodness for the DVD!

All-round it is a winner!

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