Another foray into bag-making

My previous attempts at bag-making have been of mixed success, my Mum’s art bag has worked well but lacked a good finish, my Japanese knot bag for my Brother’s wedding was really too cutesy and I’ve not used it since.

This time I needed a bag to match my outfit for my Daughter’s valedictory evening, I decided a clutch would suffice for the ‘phone, keys, a hankie (I have a feeling I will cry buckets) and spare lippy. So off to the interwebs to find a pattern!

I settled upon the and went to work.

I confess I did not use stash fabric for the outside, I found this slubbed silk-look upholstery fabric at Spotlight and bought 30 cm of it for the princely sum of $2.10. The shop assistant thought it was silk, but it is actually viscose, cotton, poly mix; the colour is a dark grey which I thought would be a nice contrast to the pale grey of the dress I am wearing (and have yet to finish).

bag front

The most expensive things on the bag were the trim and the magnetic closure, it is lined with remnant Ikea sheet fabric and is stabilised with a heavy sew-in interfacing and a remnant of blue fleece for some padding. On the whole, I think it would have cost in total about $7 for materials, considering it’s luxe look and feel, I am thinking it was well worth it (especially as it was much more enjoyable to make than the weeding I had planned to do! bag inside

internal pocket It came together pretty straightforwardly (is that even a word?), the only alterations were that I made the bag slightly bigger and my strap is made of the main fabric and is long enough to be on my wrist and still be “clutched”.

My daughter’s comment was, “It’s wonky”, oooh grrr! It isn’t actually, it just needs a good press!

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