Not twiddling my thumbs

Yep, not been idling my time away, I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

My son really liked the fabric of the skirt I made recently blogged here and requested that I make him a pair of shorts out of the same stuff, so off I went to Knitwit and bought some more. I used the KwikSew pattern I had used earliersecuredownload-7_large, with a few modifications (he likes a slimmer leg and lower profile), despite a couple of fittings, the lad was not convinced about them…I know what he means, the waistband is waaaay too wide and will need to be halved and his bottom doesn’t sit in the seat that well; I just don’t understand it, grrr. Despite all this, they have the best finish on them of any mens pants I have made and I am just a little bit impressed with them. The fabric was lovely to work with and I used a really robust, quality cotton for the pocket bags.

Since he’s worn them a couple of times, he likes them now, but I still need to fix that waist

shorts front  shorts back (the bottom shot really shows how the waistband is).

I am also taking part in Sue’s Japanese Knot Bag Sewalong details here. I made a knot bag a couple of years ago for my brother’s wedding, it was a bit silly really and it put me off the style, but I decided to give it another go with Sue’s pattern and this is the result

bag handles together the fabric is a teatowel designed by Perth’s own Anna Chandler (I love her use of pattern and colour). I bought it several years ago intending it to be a skirt panel, but it languised in my stash until this bag challenge. The weave is very coarse and so it frayed horribly, I had to use fray check in several places to stop stitched pulling apart. This was actually the wrong side to start with, the fabric had a centre which I had intended to use as the front piece, but I didn’t line it up very well and the pattern is off-centre bag front, now back, I was quite disappointed, although it isn’t so noticeable when the bag is on the wrist. Despite all this, I really like it, it adds a pop of colour and holds a lot more than I expected,I think it will be handy in the summer months which are nearly upon us. bag held  

I am on leave at the moment, doing Mumsy stuff and being a rock for my daughter who is in the middle of tertiary entrance exams. She is pretty calm about it all and can’t wait for it all to be over so she can go on holidays and get a job…seems like only yesterday she had her first day at Kindy, came home exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa…(sigh).

7 thoughts on “Not twiddling my thumbs

  1. I really like Kwik Sew patterns for men’S wear and the shorts look great. My husband has ordered a couple of pairs so I might get this pattern. Your bag looks terrific. Such a clever idea to use a tea towel. I hope you get lots of wear out of it. Enjoy your leave and this precious time with your daughter.

  2. You really have been keeping yourself busy! I love how well that fabric worked for the shorts and how nicely you matched the print. Hopefully you can tweak the bits that aren’t quite right to everyone’s satisfaction.

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