I am not really sure I have …but I may have been.

I have started making this year’s dress for Christmas Day and had earmarked the beautiful fabric my Mum’s cousin Karen had given me, I was convinced it was silk. However, I bought a top recently that I was also so convinced that it was silk that I didn’t bother even looking at the label. Turns out it is rayon. I actually rather like rayon, it has a fineness that feels luxurious, but has a lovely weight that makes it drape beautifully, plus I kid myself it is a natural product (well, it is made from wood fibre), shame it has to go through yukky processes to make it wearable.

Anyway, back to my fabric…

I thought I could cope if it was rayon, better to be silk, but rayon I can cope with. I thought I would perform a burn test to make sure what it was.

Hmmm…melts away and forms a hard, unbreakable bead…doesn’t act like silk or rayon, kind of acts like…a synthetic- (puts hand up to form cross and hisses loudly). Don’t take this as a judgement on anyone, lots of people love synthetics and get great joy sewing with them and wearing them, I’m just not one of those people. I am a sweaty person and living in the gorgeous dry heat of Perth, means that wearing synthetics tends to be a bit well, wet (ugh). Hence me and synthetics have been a no no for some time…up until now.

Anyway, when I got around to sewing the fabric, my Pfaff decided to have a hissy fit on me 😦 No IDT…aaagh! So I pulled out my old Bernina (for which I don’t have a walking foot) and crossed my fingers; I needn’t have worried as it all behaved well 🙂

The pattern I used comes from this book book1 one of several Japanese Sewing Books I own and a delight to use. I used this pattern book2 Choosing a mash-up of views a and c, as well as adding a tulip sleeve. I French seamed the sides and for the first time, I did finger-rolled, machined hems and they turned out quite well, the photo doesn’t do them justice as I hadn’t ironed the dress well enough.

The sleeves look nice, but are not as floaty as I would have liked, I also had to sew the two edges together as they are too small to sit flat against each other, I wish I had been a little more generous with the fabric (especially as I have at least half a metre left). dress sleeves1 (excuse the hanging threads!). I initially thought I would wait ’til Christmas Day to wear this dress, but instead I have been asked to be Godmother to my niece and so, it will be worn tomorrow for the first time.


Overall, I am happy with the end result of this one, the fabric remains a mystery (I have settled on a polyester/rayon mix) and I don’t look too lumpy in it. Perth Sewers, have any of you considered entering the Royal Show? The exhibitors this year were downright ordinary and I was pretty unimpressed. The Staff were despondent that so few entries were received in the dressmaking section and were eager for me to put the word out for next year’s Show- give it some thought? I am considering entering this dress as it was a bit different to the usual items they had displayed 🙂

I know it was a couple of months ago, but I just had to share these two pics with you.

The first is a yarn-bombed (fake) ram from one of the district displays, doesn’t he look cute?  sheep The second is a combination of sugar tiles made by various clubs who specialise in sugar-work, it is obviously based upon one of Monet’s paintings of his garden in Giverny.  Even the frame is made of sugar!!!sugar The skills of crafters is something I have really come to appreciate since starting on the dressmaking road 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fooled?

  1. That dress is so pretty! I love the pale green colour too, in all has a very thirties feeling to it. I don’t like polyester either, but every once in a while I come across one that works fine, so I hope you’ll get good use of the dress, it’s nice enough:)

  2. I also loathe polyester and won’t knowingly buy it. However, your dress looks lovely. This must be one of the few Japanese books that I don’t own, hmm, might need to rectify that in the new year! Your comments re the Royal Show are interesting. We tried to get them interested in our One Year One Outfit makes but they didn’t seem to be receptive. I might consider something next year. This year is one of the few years that I haven’t visited as I was away. Back to your dress: you definitely should enter it, loving that dropped waist – very flattering.

  3. Agree with both comments above – as I’ve lived in hot places that are also humid I also can’t wear synthetics, but dearly love green & rayons ~ double temptation! Your dress is gawjus! 🎉

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