Cycling and time away

I am visiting my Mother atm and her computer is playing up, so I have emailed the local service centre to try and sort things out for her. Unfortunately, WordPress looks a bit strange on her Mac, so I will try to post, but may not succeed.

It has been a month since I last posted anything and a lot has happened since then, so “Happy Belated New Year” to you all.

It has been a difficult start to what may well end up being a difficult year for me and my husband; I won’t elaborate for now.

Other stuff has been okay, my son did well in his Uni results and has re-enrolled for his last undergraduate year (it’s been a rough ride that one!!!) and my daughter is awaiting Uni offers after successfully completing Year 12 and achieving the required score for her chosen uni and course (Update- she has received her first round offer and is now enrolled-yay!).

My husband completed 2015 by being retrenched (after 20 years and an award for top sales in Australia in 2010…Merry Christmas Parkland Aviva :P), but he is now on a 3 month probation with another company which he is enjoying. After 15 years of racist, misogynist jokes and 1950’s management practises in the last company, I think he deserves a bit of respect and a nicer work environment, so good luck to him I say!

My work promises exciting things this year with our new Head, he has a passion for the research and a fresh approach to engage our stakeholders, watch this space…

Meanwhile, the minimal parking that was available at work, has disappeared entirely and I have been cycling for about 6 weeks now. I have made a new bike seat cover, dsc_0518.jpgI am in the middle of making a new, single pannier and I have also made a “pretty” backpack for the ride to and from dsc_0515.jpg

I also had to comb through my sportswear to find appropriate clothing to wear; it is a half hour ride to work and the weather is very hot (we’re talking mid- high 30’s Celsius most days). Most of the active wear I have is in the form of shorts dsc_0509.jpg (the polka dot pair) and tanks and while the shorts are good, the tanks allow for a very burnt experience when the sun is high; tops with sleeves were required.

I looked around as I wanted a very simple pattern to quickly run-up a couple of sleeved tops without too many construction issues, the Kirsten tee from Mariadenmark looked pretty good, so I downloaded it and gave it a try. Let me say, I LURVE this pattern!

I ventured into the realm of synthetics for this, mainly because the selection of knits at Spotlight was a bit boring tbh. As a 60’s child brought up with Danish Deluxe furniture, Scandinavian prints and Figgio china I love the Scandinavian designs and found this lovely print by ……. in (shock, horror) 100% polyester, (I know, I know, I said I would never go there, but Melissa Fehr advises against cotton for activewear). dsc_0520.jpg dsc_0522.jpg dsc_0523.jpg dsc_0524.jpg I did my favourite lettuce hem and have enough fabric left over to make a pair of real cycling shorts 🙂

The fabric misbehaved horribly while I was sewing it up, sliding all over the place, dropping fluff and laddering dsc_0525.jpgbadly in random places. As this is my first experience sewing polyester knit, can any of you enlighten me as to what I did wrong as far as the laddering went??? I was disappointed with this aspect of the fabric as the print is so nice, it really detracts to me (although it is probably not noticeable to most due to the busyness of the print).

I did a 1 1/2 hour ride around Busselton this morning, the weather was pretty gentle (low 20s today), the top was hot, but there was good airflow through it, so I was okay about it. I can’t imagine making too much in polyester, I am too much of a natural fibre gal, but it was good to experiment and say I’ve done it.

I have since booked Mum’s bike in for a service as I came off onto the Bussell Highway after finding out the back brakes actually don’t work, swerving to avoid a car I came a cropper and have the bruises to prove it!! My daughter says I bruise like a peach dsc_0539.jpg ergh!

The computer is also booked in for a troubleshooting session.

The other day Clare and I went down to Margaret River and then across to Dunsborough, it was a lovely day and was finished in a vintage shop where I picked up this gorgeous 1960s maxi dress.

dsc_0533.jpg dsc_0535.jpg dsc_0536.jpg I feel as if I will be wearing a Van Gogh painting. The colours are my favourite, but shock horror. it is polyester…again!!! I know, I am having to swallow my natural fibre pride and acknowledge that  polyester holds onto colour beautifully. It doesn’t fit me atm (it’s a size SSW- ha remember that sizing system?), I intend chopping off around 45cm from the bottom and inserting some of it into the side seams to enlarge the dress.

Tomorrow Clare and I are driving the 2 1/2 hours home, we will be taking it easy and hopefully going via the South West Highway, but that depends upon whether or not the road is open after the bushfires from 2 weeks ago, it will be a sobering experience seeing the devastation for ourselves.

I’m not really looking forward to getting home seeing it’s been inhabited by 2 slovenly men with questionable ideas of hygiene and tidiness; don’t fancy having to clean the place as soon as I get home 😦

Wish me luck that it’s not too bad!!!


5 thoughts on “Cycling and time away

  1. You have so much info in your post, I don’t know which bit to start with. Congrats to both your children, it’s always wonderful when they get success. Sorry about your husband, but my workplace has done redundancies many times, and I have had to be the bearer of bad news on more than one occasion, and I’m always interested that the person who loses their jobs always finishes up in a better place, emotionally and physically. The bike riding outerwear looks good. I still struggle with polyester, but notice that nearly all the amazing fabric is basically plastic, so my good intentions are often sorely tested. As to your bruise? ouch!

  2. I find the wicking fabrics, or, the superfine merino jerseys, much more pleasant for cycling on hot days.

    The sewing problems may have Bren caused by using the wrong needle. Try either a jersey needle or a stretch needle. They are both designed for knits, but are different in the way they work.

    Nice the kids are sorted with uni, also good that your husband has found work. Sounds like your work situation is good too – yay!

  3. The RTW cycling gear uses wicking fabrics, also known as technical fabrics. I can heartily recommend the clothes from I bought some shorts and tops almost 10 years ago and they are still working well. The wicking fabric is available in Australia, from a place in Queensland. It is specialised stuff so very few fabric shops will have heard of it. – Is probably the best person to talk to about this. Merino jersey is easier to source, the Fabric Store is probably your best source.

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