And so this is Christmas…or not

The thing about having most of your stuff in storage is that things like Christmas come around and there is no way you can reach your tree or decorations or anything.

Obviously this year is going to be quite strange, although I think my ex-husband and I will be spending the time together with extended family, I think this will be the last time as I just really want to move on.

Despite the lack of festive accoutrements in the house, I will source some ivy and green stuff from the garden and make a wreath for the door and I think the miniature umbrella tree has some nice orange berries on it somewhere, so at least the entrance to our home will feel a little Christmas-y

Something like this imgres

We’re not even celebrating on the right day! This year, for the first time, my brother is working, so we are all getting together for a late lunch on the 23rd- everything has been out of kilter this year, one more thing won’t make much of a difference… will it?!

The one (relatively recent) tradition I have kept is that I have made a new outfit for whatever day we have Christmas on, it is the Tulip Dress from Sew Different a free pattern that I liked various renditions of on the Net. The fabric is badly-behaved cotton poplin (some of the colour bled into the surrounding white, despite being washed by hand in cold water), but I do really like it. I lowered the neckline somewhat and raised the hem a little, but the modifications needed were minimal.

One of my friends (who is also a mad seamstress) asked me if I had a big yellow bag to go with it, my reply was, “No I don’t and I don’t have big, round, black ears and I don’t answer to Minnie either”!!!

Here it is fullsizerender-1

The shoes are reproduction Edwardian Louis heels(“Gilmour”) from American Duchess and the bag is the little Longchamps bag I treated myself when I was last in the Netherlands.

I hope you all have a lovely time over the next few weeks and I am looking forward to giving you good news about the house selling and me moving into my own place (please keep your collective fingers crossed for me!).

See you in 2017 🙂




7 thoughts on “And so this is Christmas…or not

  1. That’s a gorgeous outfit- I love American Duchess shoes, but can’t afford them, boohoo. Changes to Xmas routines are weird and disorientating at first, it’s all so much about family traditions, but you’ll soon make new traditions that are even nicer. Trust me on that one!

    • Thanks, I can’t afford them now either, these were on sale 3 years ago🙂Thanks for your kind words and encouragement this year, it’s always good to hear good stuff from people who have already been there before me!

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