A fiddly job

While I have been nursing a broken ankle I haven’t been much use around the house, everything is fiddly and takes forever when you are hobbling around on crutches 😦

But, my broken ankle is on the left and I am right-footed, so I can still sew- yay!

My young-adult children are both penniless University students and thus share the use of my very old BMW. It’s a great car mechanically, but it has not been in a garage for the last 10 years and the sun has played it’s malicious part, you only have to look at it and something breaks! The upholstery on the seats was shredding and looking pitiful and I was feeling very embarrassed looking at the wretched thing in the driveway, so when my daughter suggested I attempt to make covers for the rear seat, I jumped at it.

We went to Spotlight and found some funky, burnt orange (very 1970’s) heavy, duty slubbed cotton. It has a backing of some description, (looks and feels like cotton, but it’s probably some fusible webbing). Daughters’ part was to measure the amount of fabric required and make a pattern.


Hmm, not quite big enough . Oh well, it still looks good and now she doesn’t get ribbed by her friends when she’s driving them around. My son has been off camping, so I haven’t got a judgement from him, apparently he had no opinion regarding colour, so he has no right to whinge if he doesn’t like it!


It was a fiddly job. The seat pattern was a little spare, so I got the fabric to fit by lacing it behind, it is now very taut and smooth. The back was just too small, so there is a gap of about 3cm where you can still see the old upholstery-pooh.


While I was fitting the covers, I noticed the fabric on the headrests was shredding too, so I made a couple of covers for them out of remnnats and an extra piece of orange fabric I had in my stash. they look great.

img_1324 (see the back door panel- no handle and window button is hanging by its wiring, ha ha , I don’t miss those student days!!!).

3 thoughts on “A fiddly job

  1. These seat covers look awesome, you’ve done a fabulous job. Could you add a strip to the bottom of the back to make it fit? Or don’t you care? I didn’t have a BMW when I was a student – very flash!

    • Ha ha, flash is isn’t.. we think it was made on a Monday or a Friday, it’s falling to bits! On your suggestion, the children don’t seem to mind and I don’t drive it…thank goodness uni goes back on Monday, they’ve had too long on holiday😳

  2. I love this. Very creative. I’m a hopeless sewer and have no real interest in doing it myself but I love reading post by people like you who can create such wonders. (The only sewing I do is patchwork – or basic mending.) Anyhow, by now your ankle should be better, I hope.

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