How to dress an apple so it doesn’t resemble a turnip

Okay, so I don’t really know how do do that 😦

I have spent most of my life being a somewhat waistless thin, but muscly person, then menopause hit and I have become a waistless, flabby woman with waaaay too much “condition” on me.

I think of apples as being delicious, crisp and beautiful  9849406-Ripe-juicy-apple-isolated-on-white-background-Stock-Photo-red and turnips as being ugly, squat and nasty-tasting vegetables. Hence (although I am no longer crisp), I have the capacity to be delicious and beautiful, however, too many times I end up a turnip turnip-24-56a8c50e3df78cf772a074e4

Do you ever find that you start off your working day looking (what you think) pretty great and then you catch a look in a shop window or somesuch and reality hits, it’s a sobering experience that can get you down if you let it.

I have lovely clothes and plans to make even more (time is an issue here), but sometimes I just can’t seem to get it together. Sometimes I make something that just does not suit my body type and I end up wasting a beautiful piece of fabric, other times I just wear unsuitable clothing because I like the quirkiness of it (have always liked the though of being viewed as a little weird!).

So how do you dress an apple? I am liking Lagenlook more and more, the secret to it here in Australia is to make the layers very light in weight, otherwise it’s just too hot in summer.  What isHowever, there is a little inkling that stops me embracing the Look with gusto and that is, it appears that it really only appeals to women in mid to late middleage (like me) and there is always the knowledge that it’s hiding something 😦

I HATE that idea! You see, in my head I am still 23 years old and I do not see any 23 year old girls wearing the Look.

It’s a dilemma for me, this ageing thing.

How do you “cope” (if that is the right word)? I actually love my life, I am happy in my head, happy with the life experience that allows me to not sweat the small stuff (well, most of the time), happy with my face, happy with my family etc etc, but the ageing thing? Nope.


11 thoughts on “How to dress an apple so it doesn’t resemble a turnip

  1. I’m in the same place of course! 60 is rushing towards me [well, galumphing steadily], and, while always lacking a waist, now my middle decidedly ‘goes out’ rather than’ doesn’t go in’. I remember the days of being able to wear clingy lycra without a thought, now I have to be wary about what everything might cling to.
    Happy enough with my body not to be ready to do anything about it other than make my clothes larger, and gradually adopt different styles. I prefer to think ‘art teacher chic’ than ‘lagenlook’ which keeps my inner quirk-beast a little happier. Bold patterns and colours work better [for me] in fending off that frumpy middle aged feeling, and although I love the calm neutral look sported by Judi Dench et al, I know I would feel twenty years older if I wore it. Yet.
    Style Arc are great for getting the look without quite as much voluminous fabric as some, and the Tiltons designs work well if you go down a size… I think the main thing is to try not to add yards of cloth at what is already a turnip-y shape, maybe going for wider skirts [I’ve always gone for straighter ones, but need to change I think] or exaggerated shoulder/sleeves. This worked for the Victorians, and when dressed in steampunk style, does wonders for me, with or without a corset to help! The image you posted does that my elonating the torso and adding width below. All smoke and mirrors lol
    Sorry for such a long response!

  2. I always admire that Lagenlook on everyone else but I look ridiculous in voluminous skirts. Getting old seriously sucks (but is better than the alternative!!), and I think it’s a question of finding a style that you feel comfortable in and try not to compare yourself to 23 year olds, no matter how old you feel! I haven’t cracked the look yet, either and I am now officially closer to 70 than 60, which is too horrifying to contemplate!

  3. I’ve always been an apple, so even when I was thinner I tended to choose styles that weren’t skewed as “young” – although often the colours and prints would keep them from skewing “old”. I’m 50 next birthday, and value comfort in my clothes more than ever (and I was always pretty keen on it). I too love the art-teacher chic style, verging on Lagenlook but maybe a more restrained version of it. And I also relate to getting that glimpse in a shop window and being very surprised at what I see!
    I am the age I am. There’s a reason women our age tend to go for these styles – and if I am one of them, then so be it. If it feels good to me, I’ll wear it. And if I look my age, c’est la vie! I’m happy to get older!

  4. lagenlook doesn’t work for us shorties. you need some height to pull it off.
    to create flow over my busty middle i’d need a top so long it would drag on the floor (because of my height) and totally cover the pants. if i shortened the top i’d look like a shorter, rounder apple. when deciding whether this is your look, body shape isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. height is equally important, especially leg-to-total-height. for the record i’m 5′ with short legs. the small height i do have is in the upper body. people like me have to wear clothes with short tops and higher bottoms, or other clothes that produce the effect of longer legs.

    any other shorties out there?

    • I too am below average height, but find it is the amount of fabric around the middle that can make me turnip-like. I wear quite a lot of loose, flowing tunic tops and find reducing the amount of middle fabric even by a modest amount, completely changes whether or not it looks good on me (or just matronly). It certainly helped when I had a breast reduction a few years ago (although, that was when I discovered i had become an apple!).The massive shelf I had before just meant great swathes of material hung and made me look ENORMOUS! I never thought of leg-length before, I am short-waisted with longer legs (I guess I should count myself lucky?).

  5. Yes, I read this and thought (shock horror!) this is where I’m heading! I’m already disguising my midriff, but I may have to embrace “art teacher chic” in the future! I would agree that the Lagenlook does have an overwhelming amount of fabric and I think it works better on those that are taller. I thought though that a “half-Lagenlook” (I’m just making up terminology here!) could look good – perhaps team the top with some more fitted trousers, or the skirt with a smart fitted jacket. Do you think that would work?

    • Yes I do, I think I do that most of the time. We are heading into our warmer months here and jackets are just one piece of clothing too many. I have found that a bolero in a very lightweight fabric over a tunic top looks quite nice , probably a “half Lagenlook” ( sounds like a figure skating term but I like it😊).

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