Look at moi (but not too closely)…

I actually made jeans.

Yes jeans.

Okay, so they don’t have a real fly and the front pockets are fake…but I made jeans!

And, they fit…really well.

And I am never tucking tops in ever again, so I don’t care they have an elastic waist.

And the topstitching got better as I did more of it.

Did I say that they fit?

IMG_20180317_151116.jpg  Gosh that mirror is filthy 😦  IMG_20180317_150838.jpg    IMG_20180317_135439.jpg  My daughter commented that ,”They are very flat”; I told her that flat is good when you’re fat!!!

I am chuffed in case you hadn’t picked it.

They are the Blakley Jeans by StyleArc, bought as a pattern and fabric (the denim has 5% elastane) in a size 14. The only modifications were the removal of 5cm off the leg lengths and the faux fly front put onto the male side (like almost all jeans these days).

Oh happy days 🙂

14 thoughts on “Look at moi (but not too closely)…

  1. Jeans are on my New Year Resewlutions list, so I am really excited to congratulate you! My hero and inspiration. I’ve found several options, from Closet Case Gingers to Itch to Stitch pull ons. Just have to suck it up and take the plunge! Ack! Well done! They look great on you.

    • OMG Toni, what are you saying?!!! The Gingers look good haven’t seen the Itch to Stitch. After I bought the kit, it took me 3 months to actually summon up the courage and actually make them. They are getting christened on my upcoming holiday to Melbourne/Victoria, hoping to do some horseriding in them 🙂

      • Ooh, that should be fun. I haven’t been horse riding in years!

        I’ve read a few reviews that Ginger jeans are difficult to sew, so I bought a couple simpler designs. I’ll get to the Gingers when I’ve done a couple others. Itch to Stitch does awesome patterns. I have the Liana Stretch jeans pattern
        and the Sequoia cargo pants pattern
        But I think I’m going to start with the Mountain View pull on

        What I really like about her patterns is that she has a blog post where she shows all her testers and, boy, does she have a LOT of testers! You get to see the pattern on a wide variety of body types and a lot of different colors and finishes.

        Perhaps we should challenge each other? I challenge you to try make another pair, you challenge me to make my first. Winner gets a pattern of their choice? You’ll probably win, though, as I don’t know if I’m ready to start sewing jeans yet. LOL.

      • I think any jeans with multiple knobbly layers to sew through would be difficult, plus don’t forget the topstitching through all that denim (mine were cheating!), I don’t need more jeans atm, so I accept your challenge with one modification Missy!…
        I have been looking for the perfect wrap dress/pattern for me for years now, made a couple, bought a couple, tried heaps on- all flawed in many ways…
        Well… I have just availed myself of the Maria Denmark wrap dress pattern and that is my challenge; to make it for my body so it looks good.
        Don’t worry about time frames though, I haven’t bought any fabric and Clare has asked me to make a pattern from her favourite pair of trousers, which were mine when they fitted (only 24 years old mind you- quality certainly lasts!).

  2. I’ve just checked out the Itch to Stitch Mountain View jeans, they are really nice (but it helps that some of those girls have lovely bums!!!). I am looking forward to yours in pics (when they get made- no pressure- ha ha!).

    • Challenge accepted.

      I’m currently working on skirts bc I’m teaching a skirt making class on April 7 (whip it up in a day class) and also making belly dance bras for our student showcase. So I propose to finish my first pair of jeans by September 1st, so that I have them for Fall/Autumn. That would be your Spring, I think, which would make it the perfect time to have a snazzy new dress…. hint, hint! 😉

  3. Congratulations on the jeans they look fantastic. I make my jeans using the Jalie pattern, love it but one day soon I am going to try the Ginger Jeans.

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