I am a bag lady

Yep, I like bags.

I have a lot of bags, so unless one is an absolute favourite, I tend not to wear them out.

This bag has been in my collection since around 1986, (now that was good value!).

It is leather and I think is a Japanese brand, although branding has never been particularly important to me.

It has served me well and when the lining (some sort of synthetic leather) started disintegrating I wasn’t ready to give it away. To cut a long story short, it sat unused for a couple of years, thrust into the “too hard ” box.

I thought of a narrow leather belt for the strap, but first attempted to replace the strap lining with a thin leather strip. None of my machines were up to it I’m afraid, so that idea was quickly shelved.

Fast forward to a week ago and I am browsing Spotlight when I find a “high tack” double-sided tape. Hmm methinks, that might come in handy…

Unfortunately, the tape was not suitable for what I had in mind, but it got me thinking about this bag…


I had this dark paisley quilting cotton in my stash and I sewed up a couple of linings (one with a ‘phone pocket), double-sided tape and Bob’s your uncle, here it is. The strap was also replaced with the interfaced fabric.

A quick polish and I am very happy with this successful redux


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