A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…

Not really, but a funny thing did happen on the weekend.

I went to a party, possibly the first in 10 years! A real party, you know, a band, people dressed in silly green clothes (it was St Patricks Day), substandard finger food and a lot of alcohol.

I have been laid low with a nasty virus and am still recovering, so I ate before I went and confined myself to soda water whilst at the “do”. I went to meet new people, to extend my circle of friends, to see if there are people who might like to get to know me better; I went because I am emerging from the doldrums and wanting to take life by the horns (so to speak).

The funny thing that happened, was that the women I spoke with at the party, melted away when they found out I was in the throes of divorce. Not only that, but they seemed to wander over to their partners and guard them! MjAxMi1mNjRmOGY3ZTdhMmRmNDdh

It didn’t occur to me that this was happening until after I got home and the shame was I thought a couple of them could have been potential friends.

I wanted to shout, “I am not after your husbands and partners Ladies!!!”

My ex is hanging around like a bad smell and I need more complication in my life like a hole in the head! I am not looking for anyone, let alone someone already in a relationship (that has always been a STOP sign for me). I know what it is like to have someone threaten the stability of a relationship, it’s not something I would ever aspire to, men are just not worth it!

When I arrived at work this morning, I discussed this with my work colleague and she said it is common and it definitely happened to her. I think this is quite frankly pretty weird and very sad, are we not better than that???

I would love some comment from people who have experienced this, as the divorced woman, the predatory woman or the wronged woman; I just can’t get my head around it.

The hippy skirt/pants thingy…

Remember this?  P1030576 Well I made it in the linen I bought from Potters recently… P1030575 (the putty-coloured on top).

P1030584I had a brunch this morning with friends, one of whom I haven’t seen for 34 years and I guess a part of me wanted to impress (a little bit anyway!). P1030582 The top is tencel and metal and was new from the op-shop for AUD$9, a bargain for a designer label garment. It went with the skirt beautifully 🙂

The construction was pretty straightforward and went without a hitch, I did however grade up as my experience with Japanese patterns is that they are rather petite (width, not height). Any way, when it came to fitting, the extra 1cm I added to the side seams had to come off, otherwise there would have been a severe over-bunching problem. As it is, I am thrilled with it, the linen is so light it is almost like wearing nothing, just perfect for a hot summer’s day (not happening yet though).

One puzzle for me was the button placement. The way they were on the pattern was on the outside of the garment, but buttoning the “legs” together meant there was a weird twisty thing happening between them- yukko. P1030583 I instead, put the buttons on the inside and so, when buttoned, they are on the outside, sitting flat. As pants, they definitely have a hippy vibe happening!!!P1030587. I chose these coconut beauties P1030585because I thought they were a nice little detail.

Finally, it was lovely seeing friends  10492095_824195087603322_8915429208904556210_n  1654222_10204700995072023_3022337650452996510_nand sharing good food looking over the beach on a cloudy, spring day  10411217_10204700735865543_2659565293570561350_n (pics copyright P. Kelly and A. Melia)