Seeking beauty

I have been out of commission lately due to moving house (again), buying a home (needs work before I make the move…yet again) and the collapse of my elderly mother a week ago (with subsequent family round-table discussions as to how to help her either stay independent where she is or move from the country to live with one of us…watch this space).

My former husband served me with the Divorce papers a few days ago and while I was okay with it, there was a tinge of sadness that things worked out the way they did. No-one gets married with the thought that divorce is the back-up plan and everyone does the best they can with the skills they have at the time.

Anyway, all that navel-gazing caused me eventually to look outward and to seek beauty in things we often ignore because we are caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life.

I saw this magnificent gum tree the other day whilst walking to work. It has been there for generations, shading the land below it and witnessing the changes that happen- horses and tracks, cars and roads, mia mias and houses, offices and traffic lights; all the while helping living things breathe better air and providing homes to insects, animals and birds.


I always feel more relaxed when thinking of or being with Nature.

Jenn xxx

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum…

Not really, but a funny thing did happen on the weekend.

I went to a party, possibly the first in 10 years! A real party, you know, a band, people dressed in silly green clothes (it was St Patricks Day), substandard finger food and a lot of alcohol.

I have been laid low with a nasty virus and am still recovering, so I ate before I went and confined myself to soda water whilst at the “do”. I went to meet new people, to extend my circle of friends, to see if there are people who might like to get to know me better; I went because I am emerging from the doldrums and wanting to take life by the horns (so to speak).

The funny thing that happened, was that the women I spoke with at the party, melted away when they found out I was in the throes of divorce. Not only that, but they seemed to wander over to their partners and guard them! MjAxMi1mNjRmOGY3ZTdhMmRmNDdh

It didn’t occur to me that this was happening until after I got home and the shame was I thought a couple of them could have been potential friends.

I wanted to shout, “I am not after your husbands and partners Ladies!!!”

My ex is hanging around like a bad smell and I need more complication in my life like a hole in the head! I am not looking for anyone, let alone someone already in a relationship (that has always been a STOP sign for me). I know what it is like to have someone threaten the stability of a relationship, it’s not something I would ever aspire to, men are just not worth it!

When I arrived at work this morning, I discussed this with my work colleague and she said it is common and it definitely happened to her. I think this is quite frankly pretty weird and very sad, are we not better than that???

I would love some comment from people who have experienced this, as the divorced woman, the predatory woman or the wronged woman; I just can’t get my head around it.

It’s a workplace, it shouldn’t be a…


At the moment, my revered work colleagues and I are having to deal with a very disruptive member of the team and it is exhausting, no energy here, we are all feeling the effects.

She has been with us for four years now, but it feels like yesterday when she started, seemingly charming and eager to contribute. Since then her true colours have been exposed, it’s been up and down and all angles in between. The floor seems unstable and the goalposts are continually shifting, sometimes it’s good, often we are walking on egg shells and the other times we are having to deal with an unstable, erupting volcano. We are having to put out spot fires with soothing words, encouraging smiles and all the time we are wondering when the next tirade or flood of tears will be.

We are workplace bullies, we don’t care and we micromanage.

Well Sweetie, reap what you have sown!!! angry_old_woman

I know, I am disgruntled and it is not okay to talk like this. We have had a fortune spent trying to help our little team achieve some semblance of cohesion, but it is futile when the cause doesn’t accept her contribution to the unrest. I am off to another mediation session soon with HR, but tbh HR haven not been very much help. In fact we were told there were at least 90 other people in the organisation all wreaking the same type of havoc, in essence, out situation just isn’t that special…

None of us have ever worked with this kind of person before, our little team just wants to work harmoniously and get our contribution done accurately, precisely and with enjoyment.

So dear readers, have you ever had to cope with someone like this? Please don’t tell me she needs to be sacked, in the public sector that is extremely difficult and isn’t up to me anyway (no matter how much I wish it).

Hints, tips etc etc pleeeeeease. Help