Special Visitors to start the day

This morning we had some visitors in our Marri tree in the front garden- Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos, so beautiful (and noisy!).

I took a video, but the quality was rubbish and the noise overwhelming 😦

This lovely photo isn’t mine unfortunately, but it conveys this wonderful bird just beautifully

Adelie penguins, Antarctica

(c) Keith Lightbody

There is a particularly relevant article here about them, it is sad that since this was written, the habitat of the Carnabys has decreased even further.

They are a lovely bird, full of character and very, very loud! I heard the English comedian Phil Jupitus saying how the dawn chorus in Australia is an assault on the senses (paraphrasing him) and he’s right. It is a wonderful cacophony of many different birds all welcoming the day with their own raucous, wonderful songs 🙂


I’ll finish with this spectacular photo and this link to a blog about a wonderful encounter with a group of these birds 🙂