Voices and what is on the make…

I am rereading this crime drama by Arnaldur Indridason, mainly because I had forgotten the story. There are very few books I read more than once (the most noticeable exception being A Mother and Two Daughters by Gail Godwin which I read every five years or so).

I got Voices out of the library because I had forgotten I had already read it and it is proving to be an interesting read all over again 🙂 voices

Erlendur is the main character and he is his usual drab, hopeless case. His life is so empty he would rather stay in the hotel where a murder has occurred, than be in his own place for Christmas.

The book itself looks at dysfunctional families, homosexuality, prostitution and of course, murder. I don’t think I would call it an enjoyable read, but it is engaging and I am champing at the bit to find out whodunnit.

As far as sewing goes, for Frocktober and TMS, I am making a Tiramisu (by Cake Patterns) for my dear Mum. Tiramisu-Thumb(http://sewingcake.com/shop-window/)

She and a friend are going to New Zealand for a holiday in November and she needs something in a knit fabric that doesn’t need ironing straight out of the suitcase. To get her sizing, she tried on one of my Tiramisu and I adjusted (with pins) accordingly. This morning I washed her lovely cotton/wool knit (from Potters in North Perth) and traced out her customised pattern. I think it will work quite well, but the actual making will have to wait as I am entertaining my lovely nephews/cousins who arrived from The Netherlands yesterday 🙂 Tomorrow they are spending time in Fremantle, the Freo Markets should be open, so I hope they enjoy it !