Opinions please…

My Kay Whitt jacket is coming along quite nicely, although I have made a few errors which have needed correcting…anyway, here she is (with lots of pins)  Image

My question to you is about the tabs. I have made them all with a centred (or almost centred) flower, but I am a tad concerned that it’s all a bit too much. My daughter thinks I should leave it as she thinks it is pretty, my partner said to try white tabs (the buttons are going to be blue), but he too likes it as is.

Image  Image

I tried them as a solid blue and they looked awful, overpowering and a bit cheap-looking… so what do you think, try the white?

Fabrics chosen

So this morning I went to IKEA and drooled over all their lovely textiles, but I had to stay focussed 🙂

The fabric I have chosen for the Parisian Jacket by Kay Whitt is a heavy, fairly coarse-woven cotton with this lovely peasant floral design. I think that I will be using interfacing on this project as I would like the shape of the jacket to be retained. I also thought the repetition in the pattern would make pattern matching easier, I will be doing this for the first time as I want this jacket to be smick!

photo-jacket fabric6             securedownload-4


The fabric I have chosen for Thornberry’s Lekala sew-a-long is this stunning 360 count cotton sheeting also from IKEA. The colour just grabbed me and it is soft and drapey. I have a mind to make a wide belt for the jacket in the same fabric, I think it will look just gorgeous over a pair of stark white cotton jeans.


On another tack, I have been trying to reread Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Something in Disguise.    $_35Unfortunately I just can’t get into it and as it is a very old book, it will be going to the book table charity collection at my local hospital.