Book Review: Days in the History of Silence

By Merethe Lindstrom Image.

Merethe Lindstrom is a Norwegian writer and I confess I know little about her. I was drawn to this book because I quite like the Scandinavian style of writing (or is it how it ends up after being translated- no matter). It is quite spare in style, not florid, observant and some might even say dispassionate.

This book is all those things and I did not like it one bit!

It is the story of an elderly woman whose husband is becoming more distant and initially the thought is that he is purposely shutting her out. Later on it becomes obvious that dementia is more likely the reason. They have made decisions in their lives that have had an impact on the people around them and the reason I read to the end (when I would have normally given up) was that I wanted to see the woman express some regret about it all; no such moment came.

I would like to hear if anyone out there has read this book and enjoyed it, go on, convince me to change my mind!

It is hard to read a book when none of the characters appeal. I think I just have to put this one down to experience.