The dilemma of, “How are you? “…

What is your response?

I find I am sometimes left feeling a bit silly if I have assumed the person asking the question is actually interested. Part of the problem is that I am an introvert, with a certain lack of social awareness (I’m often left thinking, “Shut up Jennifer”, but my mouth just runs away and I’m left with egg on my face).

I’m fine with acquaintances asking me, the reply is usually a breezy, “Fine thanks” , but I have been caught out when it has been someone I know well and feel a connection with.

I was once accused angrily of spoiling a friend’s day when I replied that I wasn’t sleeping well!

What to do? I guess, just continuing the thought that people who ask the question don’t want to know the honest answer and if they do, they will ask again.

How about you, are you as socially awkward as me?