Funky Pants of Awesomeness!!!

My trousers are finished and I am happeeeeeee! I chose this funky digital print out of the remnant bin at Knitwit in Nedlands (Perth), I just had enough for the pants, but had to do a bit of juggling. The print is so busy I doubt people will notice (and no-one has yet), but I had to fit the pattern pieces in opposite directions on the fabric… can you tell? My first pair are these, Image They are the Wendy Pants by StyleArc and I made them about a year ago (I think). They have served me well and I really wanted another pair, so thankyou for the incentive Monthly Stitch gals 🙂

Image I wore the new ones this morning to church and will wear them again tomorrow to work, thank goodness I work with funky people and can do this sort of thing! Image It was a bit sunny in the garden to see what was happening, but the colours really jump out in the bright light…off to the shade,

Image that’s better. I finish with the bum pic, not my favourite angle, especially as I pulled up my top to show off the waistband (it’s wide), but here we go… Image

Notes- the fabric is a two way stretch, woven cotton and the only adjustments I made were to add about 3cm to the back rise (the first pair sat a bit low for my liking) and I took 5cm off the leg length as I am a shorty. The beauty of StylArc is the patterns are one size..yours 🙂


Weekend Sewing

I have been waiting for this weekend as I am looking forward to making The Monthly Stitch”s April Challenge, double of one of my favourite patterns. I bought this fabric remnant  DSC_0495 from Knitwit in Nedlands about a year ago, it is a digital print, stretch woven cotton sateen. The print is so busy it is mindboggling! So I got 1.5m for $15 (about a third of the price), I was happy and knew what I wanted to do with it. Okay, it has taken the April Challenge to actually motivate me, but the intention was there 😉
I am making my second pair of StylelArc Wendy trousers, a lovely pattern with a brilliant fit.download_large I made them about a year ago and was very happy with them. I washed the fabric this afternoon and think this time, I may not have enough for full length trousers, so I am thinking a pair of capris with tapered legs…watch this space!

Kay Whitt the wunderkind :)

My jacket is finished..yay! Image (not ironed in this pic, sorry).

The problems I had making it were completely of my own making and caused by it being my first attempt at pattern-matching (less said about that the better), anyway, I sorted them out and am very happy with the final result.

I kept the original tabs, all centred with the little flower and with royal blue buttons. I was worried the buttons would be overwhelmed by the pattern, but again I am happy I stuck to my original plan. Image Image

I haven’t used my overlocker for over a year (just went “off” the finish), but threaded it up and the inside came up beautifully 🙂 Image

Here I am with blue jeans and white jeans, the main items I will wear with this piece of clothing…

Image  Image

Because the fabric is pretty heavy, when handsewing, I used my thimble (which I have rarely used enough to get accomplished, much to my Mother’s chagrin), I think I am a thimble convert! Image It is especially useful, as I use open-ended needles made for people with eyesight problems, they are a godsend as they need no traditional threading, the thread is literally pulled down over the top and clicks into position. Image Sorry about the blurriness, it was the best I could do with the camera ‘phone 🙂

Opinions please…

My Kay Whitt jacket is coming along quite nicely, although I have made a few errors which have needed correcting…anyway, here she is (with lots of pins)  Image

My question to you is about the tabs. I have made them all with a centred (or almost centred) flower, but I am a tad concerned that it’s all a bit too much. My daughter thinks I should leave it as she thinks it is pretty, my partner said to try white tabs (the buttons are going to be blue), but he too likes it as is.

Image  Image

I tried them as a solid blue and they looked awful, overpowering and a bit cheap-looking… so what do you think, try the white?

March Challenge- the Parisian Jacket

So everyone voted and the Parisian Jacket by Kay Whitt won, second was the Vogue Top (which I will definitely make at some time in the future) and third was the Embellished Skirt (also a cert for me in the future). DSC_0432 [No sleeves yet]

I am on a week’s leave atm, trying to destress (but that ain’t happening). So much happening, sick daughter, morose son and slightly injured Mother visiting, all a bit much, but I have managed to make a start on the jacket.

I mentioned previously that I was going to attempt pattern matching for the first time…whoo boy, with an 8cm repeat, I did not choose the best fabric to try it! DSC_0434 [Front panels]

DSC_0436 [Tabs (all with flowers centred)]

Suffice to say, my attempt has been a bit pathetic, but I still think the end result will be very pretty 🙂 To do the failed pattern matching, I have topstitched the entire garment so far, I won’t do this for the sleeves as I think it will be almost impossible to get anywhere near a match at the seams. Talking of sleeves, I am going to have to extend the width at the top of the raglan bit as the jacket won’t fit me…all that Germanic heritage or maybe Kay Whitt just draws patterns for wraithlike women (I think it is probably more likely the former 🙂  )


Fabrics chosen

So this morning I went to IKEA and drooled over all their lovely textiles, but I had to stay focussed 🙂

The fabric I have chosen for the Parisian Jacket by Kay Whitt is a heavy, fairly coarse-woven cotton with this lovely peasant floral design. I think that I will be using interfacing on this project as I would like the shape of the jacket to be retained. I also thought the repetition in the pattern would make pattern matching easier, I will be doing this for the first time as I want this jacket to be smick!

photo-jacket fabric6             securedownload-4


The fabric I have chosen for Thornberry’s Lekala sew-a-long is this stunning 360 count cotton sheeting also from IKEA. The colour just grabbed me and it is soft and drapey. I have a mind to make a wide belt for the jacket in the same fabric, I think it will look just gorgeous over a pair of stark white cotton jeans.


On another tack, I have been trying to reread Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Something in Disguise.    $_35Unfortunately I just can’t get into it and as it is a very old book, it will be going to the book table charity collection at my local hospital.


A busy weekend…

Not a terribly inspiring post this one, so if sewing is not on your interest list, I would exit now 🙂

This past weekend was a flurry of activity for me, mainly involving driving Clare to various places (grrr, when is her big brother going to get his licence…please?), sewing and cooking. The cooking happened because I just paid a couple of large bills and neglected to go shopping on Friday (as is my usual routine). There was little left in the way of food in the house, so out came my Mum’s old Golden Wattle cookbook and 4 dozen gingernut biscuits later I was glad I took the time to restore it (it was falling apart). Absolutely scrummy they were, to the extent that they are all gone today. I also made my stock cake stall cake, the Oily, Vanilla Custard cake, which always goes down well and indeed, this one has continued the trend (I’ll post the recipe if you’re interested).

I also made this little ensemble, Image My third Vera Venus vintage bra and my second pair of Oh Lulu knickers. I really like this look and considering they cost $2.50 for a bra back, a bit of elastic and some time, I am very pleased. The fabrics are all remnants in my stash. I am considering going the handmade lingerie route permanently as this pair of patterns fulfils my needs in this department.

Meanwhile, it is time to think of the March Challenge on the Monthly Stitch. It involves choosing three patterns and putting it to the vote of the other subscribers of the blog to choose the one I make for March. My problem is whittling the list down to three. Far, far too many to choose from and here they are:

Image from from The Stylish Dress Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori, I love drop waist dresses (no surprises there).

Image from the same book, the classic Chanel-look jacket

Image Vera Venus’ Little Bias Dress (based on a 1930’s dress)

Image I am also a fan of cross-over tops and I like the hemline on this one

Image Thornberry ( made a beautiful one of these for her Mum, I bought the pattern based on her efforts 🙂

Image Flat-fronted shorts, I have some lovely digital-print floral stretch woven for these, if I ever make them!

And finallyImage I would be happy to make either or both of these by Kay Whitt, the jacket is so cute and the skirt satisfies my lust for embellishment.

Any opinions peeps? I will whittle the collection down to three for posting on the Monthly Stitch in the next few days, any comments will be much appreciated, Ciao!