Happiness is…

Being able to have my dear lad over for Sunday dinner again



It’s been 3 or 4 days since we’ve had a new case of Covid 19 diagnosed here in Western Australia, some of the restrictions have been relaxed including allowing up to 2 people to visit. It was a joy to have my boy here, lots of laughter and real gratitude that we are all okay.

[I feel so proud of both Australia and New Zealand for getting on top of the Covid Crisis (especially New Zealand, out government  here in Oz took a bit longer to rally), things are still fraught but we’re on the right track. It’s been heartening to see the care that people have for each other, the horrid attitude of “every man for himself” has been replaced by a genuine desire to connect in caring ways; I am hopeful we have all learned that working for the collective good is actually a wonderful way to live life].

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