A muddle of a blog post…

Warning: this post has masses of pictures!

Here in Australia we have a television news journalist named Lee Lin Chin and everyone I know just LOVES her .

Lee Lins’ presence in front of the camera is characterised by a crisp professionalism when required, a razor-sharp wit and some spectacular clothing. lee-lin-1

She has a presence outside of the newsroom too, she appeared on children’s television on a toddlers programme called Playschool (an Australian television institution) lee_lin5 she regularly comments in social media and cuts a fine figure on the awards red carpet.

lee-lin-6 She was recently shortlisted for a Logie Award (television), but was pipped at the post much to the dismay of her fans, it didn’t dent her wow factor though, she came through with an ascerbic wit which left others in her wake 🙂


This lady is so cool, nothing seems to rattle her, even when the rest of the newsroom let her down she is ever the consummate professional.


I have a lot of admiration for Lee Lin ….

Well I changed the title of this post to “A Muddle” because It’s kind of a catch-up really and so it is all over the place!

I haven’t been sitting around feeling sorry for myself waiting for the house not to sell; no, no, no, I have been sewing, going to movies, visiting my Mother and other family etc etc. having said that, I actually broke my ankle 2 days ago, so I am a little subdued at the moment!

So, sewing… remember my Christmas dress? It needed a bit of tweaking after all and although it isn’t quite perfect, it is still wearable and here it is 🙂 1 Embarrassingly, it isn’t ironed in this pic and this is the outfit I was wearing when I took my spill and broke my ankle 😦

Having really liked this pattern, I made another one in some lovely Scandi-style printed organic cotton poplin 6 This one has had the modifications done and is a much better fit, sooo comfortable (I have some more fabric to make number 3 as they are just lovely dresses to wear on a hot day for work).

I also had bought some lovely printed rayon before Christmas and ended up making a pair of lounge pants and a couple of tops, here are the pants and one of the tops (the latter was made with a remnant piece not using a pattern but some basic mathematics instead)

2  8 As you’ve probably noticed, I have become quite overweight over the last year (it’s amazing how being unhappy saps your energy and motivation), 2017 my daughter is going to be my personal trainer and motivation coach!

Finally, what do you do with a piece of clothing that has given up, but still has enough fabric to be upcycled? My favourite nightie had given up around the shoulders, but I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye, so I made the bottom into an underskirt and added rectangular panels of bleached calico over the top for interest. It is pictured here with a linen top I made using the Tessutti “Zoe top” pattern, the scarf was a gift from my Mother from Greece.


Do you make something and it instantly becomes your new favourite? I admit to a certain superficiality in that, this skirt is IT! The drawstring waist is the best for someone with a short-waist who like to wear things just above the hip, soo  comfortable 🙂

A week later and I have an update on the house- we are in negotiation with a buyer, wish us luck! Much as I am not looking forward to the logistics of moving, getting on with life is what we are all champing at the bit to experience 🙂

I will keep you all posted…









One thought on “A muddle of a blog post…

  1. Wow, so good to hear from you after such a long break. You sound fairly chipper, even with a bust ankle. Empathy on that, I’m bedridden dice knee surgery last Thursday!

    Congrats on all the sewing. Love it, especially the top with the draped pussy bow type front. I’ve not done much this last year. You inspire me!

    Good luck for 2017!

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